• Philosophy

    It’s important to us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us – both personally and professionally.

  • Vision

    Diversifying and creating in-roads in international markets. Refine organisation structure and make sustainable progress.

  • Commitment

    Social commitment to share resoures to feed, educate and provide homes to keep the young and old safe, healthy and capable.


The above stated principles have been guiding us for the last 30 years. We have built a strong rapport of trust and quality with our customers. With humble beginning as a small trading shop in Nagpur, Ramsons has steadily expanded into a company with global footprint. We have clients based in UK, USA, Italy to name a few..

  • Billet just before going to the rolling – mill. Hot rolling saves energy and ensures quality product.

  • Billet on the water – cooled rollers of the PL controlled caster going towards the shearing machine

  • UNDP Award for R&D and implementation of energy – saving techniques in steel production.

  • Helping the handiacapped, tribal education, girl child’s and women’s education, free mass weddings, feeding and habilitation the needy and promoting sports are a few CSR activities.

Our CV is Our Core Values

We Share

We don’t donate, we SHARE. Sharing our resources, we have help built schools, hospitals, marriage halls and shelters for the needy. Fostering education to tribals, girls and economically weak children ; actively sponsoring hundreds of children’s education and their medical and other needs. We have also sponsored numerous sport activities : hockey, cricket, olympiads, etc.

We Pursue Excellence

With constant Research and Development and a great team, Ramsons is progressively ahead of the competition. But we only compete with ourself and keep learning, adding to our vast experience. Perfecting our processes for the last 30 years, we are always striving to achieve EXCELLENCE.

We Save Energy

Like this LOW – POWERED text,
we are resolute to save energy. Awarded by the UNDP ( United Nations Development Programme ) for achieving energy efficiency through R&D and adopting newer methods of operations, like Hot – Rolling process, PLC system etc. This advanced technology and what we save in energy bill , is reflected in our low – cost, quality products.


Sky is NOT the limit.

Rocketing towards the sky and beyond are we, Ramsons. Expanding at an astonishing pace, Ramsons group has invested into a plethora of businesses. We Think. We Achieve. Oh yes, We Rock !

The leaders’ vision is what ultimately becomes the goal of the company and their passion what motivates the entire organisation to work towards achieving it.

Executive Team

Ramswarup Sarda, Ramsons
Ramswarup | The Chairman

Founder of the company and all around great guy. You can find him on his days off planning the next big thing. Affectionately called Babuji, he has a masters degree in commerce and has more than 50 years of experience in business. As the head of the organisation, he must use both the right and left sides of his brain to help his crew achieve the balance between refinement and rebellion, research and intuition.

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Rajesh Sarda, Ramsons
Rajesh | The President & CEO

A gifted administrator and everyone’s favorite person around the office, Rajesh is in charge of…well…everything. Being an engineer he has all the technical skills he needs and leads Ramsons with all the finesse of a great chef. On the menu: quality, flexibility, performance and above all, innovation. To this he adds a dash of humour that hits the spot for employees and clients alike.

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Rajat Sarda, Ramsons
Rajat | Director, International Ops. & CFO

As zen as he is creative, as yin as he is yang, Rajat may possess a quiet air, but he develops projects at a furious pace. With a knack for turning a challenge into a business opportunity and an idea into a success story, he’ll do whatever it takes to find just the right solution. Learning Management from Imperial College London & as an Industrial Engineer, he’s recognized for his professionalism and genuineness, he has amazing interpersonal skills, a trait much appreciated by his clients.

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Management & Specialists

L.N Sarda, COO, Ramsons Group
L.N. | COO

He has exceptional managerial skills and with his Production Engineering and MBA background, he is perfect for the job.
Surinder Chahal, Executive Director R&D, Ramsons Group
Surinder | Executive Director, R&D

His enthusiasm, expansive knowledge & make-it-work attitude is what is required for his totally justifiable title.
G.R. Singh, Sales & Customer Development Head, Ramsons
G.R. Singh | Sales & Customer Development

An excellent sales exec., he has worked in depts. across Sales, Brand Building, Brand Development within Ramsons.
Leena Gedam, Ramsons
Leena | HR & Legal

She is versatile and maintains a positive work environment. She also oversees legal matters.