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About Us

Rocketing towards the sky and beyond are we, Ramsons.

Ramsons Group is a "Made in India" innovative and diversified legacy business, built by entrepreneurs with nerves of steel, offering superior quality products built in India for a global clientele. With a combined entrepreneurial experience of over 90 years of the core team, we take pride in calling Ramsons the largest manufacturer brand of steel and steel products in Central India, currently diversifying to make a name across business interests like pan-India real estate, refractory, and agriculture.

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About Us


True to its nature, steel takes a high rank in the list of sustainable products. Not only because it is made up of recycled metal scrap, but also due to its crucial importance in futuristic industries such as electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Steel is the backbone of Ramsons Group. With over 50 years of expertise in the steel industry, we have built a brand name synonymous with unparalleled quality and trust. Today, our tensile and durable steel and steel products have not only enabled us to become a leading steel company but also signal our commitment to building sustainability. As early adopters of a process called 'Direct-Rolling,' our green steel has entirely eliminated coal from our factories, leading to a significant reduction in carbon footprint over the past decade.

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Construction & Real Estate

From hard-working office-goers who want to work for a better future, cute couples who want to avoid the chaos and enjoy a meal, college students who want to relish in a movie, or people in a bank or a shop for business as usual, thousands of people walk in and out of Ramsons’ properties every day. Our commercial outlets, and industrial, logistics and residential estates, spread across Maharashtra, are not just structures in concrete jungles; they are proudly built and maintained with love and care.

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Our vertically-integrated refractory business includes manufacturing a range of products that are mainly used to protect equipment while melting metal and to provide a direction of flow to the molten metal. They are in direct contact with the molten material and thus must be robust and resistant enough to withstand high temperatures.

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other businesses


Finding its roots in passion and commitment towards providing India with better quality food produce, Ramsons Group is venturing into the agriculture business to cater to fresh farm produce with various types of fruits, vegetables, and grains produced across with love.

Diversified, growing and built of steel

We are on our way to becoming a global name

300000 MT. Capacity
1000 Crore Revenue
1500+ Employees
1 Vision

What to expect from Ramsons?

You ought to know everything about the product before you buy it, right?

Innovative Core
Entrepreneurial Leadership
Diversified Business
Limitless Possibilities

Startups and Future Businesses

We literally strike when the iron is hot! To enable Ramsons’ futuristic growth, we are constantly looking for new entrepreneurial opportunities and businesses in industries witnessing exponential growth. With our expertise, experience, and execution skills, we want to manage, invest, and control businesses to help them realise their full potential .

Our Clients

From bridges to buildings and dams, our products are everywhere!

Visionary leaders, strong execution, nerves of steel

With a combined experience of over 90 years in the steel industry, Ramsons’ core team found its roots in a TOR steel trading shop 5 decades back. The expertise and execution has enabled Ramsons to become Central India’s largest steel brand.

Core Team
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Want top-quality steel and steel products, interested in any of our real estate projects or just want to discuss new business ideas over a cup of coffee? We are just a call or an email away!

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